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gossipgirls_ic's Journal

An Icontest for the Girls of Gossip Girl
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an icontest for the girls of gossip girl

Hello and welcome to gossipgirls_ic, a icon challenge community for the girls of Gossip girl. Please read the info and the rules before joining. If you join, all I ask is that you respect the rules and your fellow-members.

As said, this stillness community is all about the girls of the hit show Gossip Girl. Basically this community is like all those other icontest communities.Every week there will be a new challenge. I will either supply you with certain pics/caps or give you a theme to follow. You may always suggest images, or characters you would like to see at any post!

1. Anything basically goes. Just make sure your icon fits the lj standards, meaning: be sure that it's less than 100 x 100 in size, less than 40 kb and in .png, .jpg or .gif format!
2. The normal rule is that you can enter four icons per category. However, every now and then you'll be allowed to make more than just two icons, but this will always be clearly stated in the challenge post itself, so make sure you read what is said there.
3. Most of the time pictures will be provided for you. This means that you can't go search for your own pictures, you have to use the pictures provided. You also can't add another picture, but textures, brushes or stock photo's are all allowed. Every now and then there might be a challenge with a theme or something else, which means you have to find your own pictures.
4. Do NOT vote for yourself. Also don't go around asking people to vote for yourself. And don't do tactical voting. Just vote for icons that you didn't made and that you like the most. You will be banned if I find you are not playing fair!
5. Please don't post your icon somewhere else before the winners are announced. Because everything is done screened and without the members knowing exactly who made which icon, posting the icon somewhere else would give that away.

Each MONDAY a post will be made with the challenge for that week. You'll have until SATURDAY NIGHT to post your entry and you can do that as a comment to the post with the challenge. The comments there are all screened. Please post your icon with the icon itself and an url, which makes it easier for voting. So please post it like this:


During the week a reminder will be posted, which is just to remind you of the running challenge.

Voting will be put up mostly Saturday evening. You'll have until MONDAY to vote with your top three per category. The winners will then be announced either on monday.
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